Happy Halloween!

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  1. Riccardo Rullo24 ottobre 2010 10:57

    Molto bella questa Ohi-Ling in tinte Halloween! :D

  2. Molto bella...... a quando una nuova puntata?

  3. Guarda, oggi uno su Deviant mi ha fatto la stessa domanda, ti incollo la risposta in inglese:

    "Do you have a planned month for the next issue of fairy cops to come out? Its been a while.."

    "I know :( I'm still stuck on Huntik Magazine #14 and I'm going to be there for the whole November, while I wanted to resume the works this month, and Rem also has a lot of work to do. I'd like to get it done by December, but I doubt we can make it since I also have my fantasy novel to take care of. Right now, working on Fairy Cops still means working for free to us, which is never easy when you have to earn your living! But I've promised there will be a new issue of Fairy Cops and I intend to keep that promise! There is even a self-published book in my thoughts, but even we did a comic book for sale, I would release the episode in black and white for free on the blog. All I can say is, keep holding on and bear with us, eventually we will make it!"

  4. ahhh bella Halloween Ohi-Ling, ma a quando il nuovo episodio delle Fairy Cops!!?!?!?

  5. Tu quoque Mangaman! ;)
    Vedi la risposta in inglese nel commento del post subito sopra al tuo :)